Sunday, August 31, 2008

Benjamin Radcliffe Biography

Benjamin Radcliffe was born in Massachusetts in 1975. He graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 1997 with a B.F.A. in Computer Art. Since then he has lived all over the U.S.A. working as a Lighting & Compositing artists for studios like PDI/Dreamworks, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Walt Disney Feature Animation. In january of 2007 he left his job at Disney and proceeded to spend the next 18 months traveling to the remote corners of China, Tibet, Xinjiang, Mongolia, India, and Bangladesh. During these travels he documented his adventures using a cheap toy plastic Holga camera shooting medium format film. The artist currently resides in Beijing, P.R.C. working as a Computer Graphics Artist for Technicolor Beijing and is also writing a weekly love advice column for the chinese newspaper 21st Century. When not busy planning his upcoming adventure to Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea ( aka North Korea ) Benjamin can often be found in the Beijing hutongs at Huxley's Bar solving the world's problems one beverage at a time.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

olympics wrap up

So i don't know about you but at the Olympics I had a fucking blast! It had exceeded my dreams. I saw Bolt break a world record. i saw tae kwon do fighters knock each other out. I aet drank and was merry. I was introduced to the sport of Handball which is awesome. So much craziness happened I was slack on the postings. I have way too many photos to sort through so I figured I was start at end and work my was back even though i started at the beginning... or something. I am sold on the olympics now need to start looking for employment possibilities for london 2012!

Anyways olympics ended big for me.

web page help

So I am organizing stuff for that gallery show in LA. I need help making a webpage. i bought a domain and now i need to make a simple page with my photo a bio and a few picutres and maybe a separate page with a gallery of some photos. I have no idea how to do this. I also have no idea how to put stuff on the internet once i make this. I was wondering if anyone out there could make a page for me and host it and make use my domain?

I aslo just banged out this bio please let me know what you think and what the grammitcal errors are.

Benjamin Radcliffe was born in Massachusetts in 1975. He graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 1997 with a B.F.A. in Computer Art. Since then he has lived all over the U.S.A. working as a Lighting & Compositing artists for studios like PDI/Dreamworks, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Walt Disney Feature Animation. In january of 2007 he left Disney and spent the next 18 months traveling to the remote corners of China, Tibet, Xinjiang, Mongolia, India, and Bangladesh. During these travels he documented his adventures using a toy plastic Holga camera shooting 120 film. The artist currently resides in Beijing, P.R.C. working as a Computer Graphics Artist for Technicolor. When the artist isn't in exotic locations getting in adventures with his toy camera he can be found at Huxleys solving the world's problems one beverage at a time.

As for the photos i am still not sure I am just going to print all of these and whichever come out the best is what i will frame. Also not sure if i should do som color and b&W or just all b&w....Would still like to hear opinions.



Thursday, August 21, 2008

Great Article

I just read this on yahoo and thought it was great. As someone who has been here watching china get ready for the olympics. i have seen first hand the broken promises to the olympics the crackdowns and raids and deportations as well as just simple lack of human rights. I was in the tibetean areas pre riots and in the Tibetan exile community during the riots. My friend recently told me he tried to check into a hotel and the policy was no lai wai, tibeteans, or xinjiang people and this was un written govenrment policy. I have also seen them install the handicap access 1940's technology 6 weeks before the games start. China did it their way. Sign the contract first then ignore your obligations later.

I was also present in the stadium to see Bolt break the world record and celebrate it. I sang him happy bday. What might look like showboating via a TV screen out of context definitely wasn't perceived as such at the time. I was there and EVERYONE went crazy and shared the moment. The other sprinters as well were rejoicing no one had ill will everyone was stoked. just look at my photo of him and shawn Crawford down below in my other post. does he look like he feels dissed?

Although i was a non-believer before and am all about the olympics now. Before I was anti because of all the political bull and it is seeing things like bolt that turned my opinion around.

anyways I thought this was worth a read check it out. i would love to hear your thoughts.

BEIJING — Jacques Rogge is so bought, so compromised, the president of the IOC doesn’t have the courage to criticize China for telling a decade of lies to land itself these Olympic Games.

All the promises made to get these Games — on Tibet, Darfur, pollution, worker safety, freedom of expression, dissident rights — turned out to be phony, perhaps as phony as the Chinese gymnasts’ birthdates Rogge was way too slow to investigate.

One of the most powerful men in sports turned the world away from his complicity. Instead, he has flexed his muscles by unloading on a powerless sprinter from a small island nation.

Rogge’s ripping of Usain Bolt’s supposed showboating in two of the most electrifying gold-medal performances of these Games has to be one of the most ill-timed and gutless acts in the modern history of the Olympics.

“That’s not the way we perceive being a champion,” Rogge said of the Jamaican sprinter. “I have no problem with him doing a show. I think he should show more respect for his competitors and shake hands, give a tap on the shoulder to the other ones immediately after the finish and not make gestures like the one he made in the 100 meters.

Oh, this is richer than those bribes and kickbacks the IOC got caught taking.

All the powerful nations — including the United States — have carte blanche at the Games. They can pout and preen, cheat, throw bean balls, file wild complaints, break promises that got them a host bid, whatever they want. They can take turns slapping Rogge and his cronies around like rag dolls as long as the dinner with a good wine list gets paid.

A single individual sprinter? Even if you don’t like his manner, that’s whom Rogge deems it necessary to attack, to issue a worldwide condemnation?

“I understand the joy,” Rogge said. “He might have interpreted that in another way, but the way it was perceived was ‘catch me if you can.’ You don’t do that. But he’ll learn. He’s still a young man.”

Perceived by whom? Old fat cats making billions of Olympic dollars on the backs of athletes like Bolt for a century now? They get to define this? They get to lecture about learning?

Bolt is everything the Olympics are supposed to be about. He isn’t the product of some rich country, some elaborate training program that churns out gold medals by any means necessary.

He’s a breath of fresh air, a guy who came out of nowhere to enrapture the world with his athletic performance and colorful personality. This is no dead-eye product of some massive machine.

He was himself, and the world loved him for it.

On his own force of will, Bolt has become the break-out star of these Games. He saved the post-Michael Phelps Olympics. It wasn’t so much his world-record times, but the flair, the fun.

No one at the track had a problem with this guy; they understood he is everything the sport needs to recover from an era of extreme doping. The Lightning Bolt made people care about track again, something that seemed impossible two weeks ago.

“I don’t feel like he’s being disrespectful,” American Shawn Crawford told the Associated Press. “He deserves to dance.”

Apparently, Rogge would prefer 12-year-old gymnasts too frightened to crack a smile.

It got better when, in the same press conference, he pretended to forget all the lies China told him to get this bid, all the troubles, all the challenges, and praised the host nation. Yes, these have been an exceptionally well-run Games from a tactical standpoint, and the Chinese people have displayed otherworldly kindness.

None of which denies the promises broken, the innocent jailed, the freedoms denied — the kind of issues someone with Jacques Rogge’s standing should be talking about.

He has no spine for that. Not for China. Not for any big country. He had to criticize someone, he had to make headlines, he had to show he was a tough guy. So who better than someone from somewhere that can’t ever touch him back?

Yes, Usain Bolt is the problem of the Olympics. He’s the embarrassment. He’s the one who needs to learn.

Sure, Jacques, sure.

Tito's Big Day

I would like to announce to everyone that today is a very special day for Mr. Tito Fratt. Today we are celebrating 36 years of his birth. Now for those of you who don't know who Tito Fratt is, he's the very successful, very hairy, very disease free gentleman pictured above. Did I mention he knows Tae Kwon Do? ( sorry ladies he is already taken )

For the record Tito once told me in confidence that Alec Baldwin is the one man so sexy that he could feel comfortable having sex with him and still not feel gay. Please help Me wish tom a happy birthday by emailing him a special happy bday tito alec baldwin photo:

To help wish Tito a happy bday please download this photo and e-mail it to him: HERE

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So after my first trip to the birds nest I was hooked. The opportunity arose to go last night for the mens 200m finals. I has seen bolt run in the 200m semis and it was amazing so i jumped at the chance. I cannot tell you how amazing it is to watch olympics athletics live. We had AMAZING seats A level 17th row. Our seats were so good that evander holyfield was like 4 rows behind me. Like I said AMAZING.... and they should be amazing they were $200usd a pop. But cost doesn't matter and the fact that i am eating noodles 3 times a day for the rest of the month doesn't matter when it comes to once in a lifetime opportunities like this. The main events were womens hammer throw the 800m semi's the men's pole vault, womens 400m hurdle finals, the 110m hurdles which would have been amazing if liu xiang didn''t get hurt hurt. and of course the 200m mens finals.

For those not in china i don't think you can ever realize just how HUGE liu xiang is he is not just olympic famous like Mary lou Retton or Brian Boitano! H is coca-cola nike famous like Shaq, Kobe, Gretzky, Bo Jackson, mike tyson, NKOTB, the 2 cory's, the olsen twins, paris hilton, and Jackie Moon all rolled into one. He was it. His face is every where! every magazine, billboard commercial, sides of buses, on tv screens in subway cars. And he didn't compete and the chinese are devastated. There was talk of the chinese imposing a Martial Law enforced Do-Over. There was a brief military buildup aimed at stopping the games taking the medals back and waiting for him to heal but instead they decided they will just erase his injury from the history books like other historical chinese events not legal to type in blogs.

Anyways Bolt was it! This is the second world record i have seen so far and it was amazing. IHe was so f'ing fast. He was like 35 feet in front of everyone else. And after he won they started blairing jamming reggae and he took his shoes off and did a victory dance around the stadium. Then they announced tomorrow was his birthday and EVERYONE in the crowd sang him happy bday. TENS of THOUSANDS sang him happy bday. It was crazy.

I have something like 800 pictures and will take me a while to sort but here are a couple. I got one of julia and evander i was too afraid to get closer than 10 feet to him to get a picture. She said his ears were intacts but might have been bolt-ons.

Monday, August 18, 2008

birds nest

olympics are still rocking hard. saw basketball saturday if you saw the greece angola game on tv i was the drunk american draped in a chinese flag who got the crowd to do the wave!

I just got back now from the bird's nest stadium where i saw ameica win 4 golds 3 in one event,

the top of the night though was the womens pole vault final. this russian set a olympic record then a world record for the gold. no matter what sport seeing a world record made in the olympics gives you chills.

more photos after i sleep.

Friday, August 15, 2008

ping pong qiu

So last night was my first Olympic ping pong event. Seeing as ping pong is to china what baseball football basketball combined is to america I really wanted to like it. I tried but I failed. The crowd was way into it. The thing is lets face it pong pong is not a sport its something people in ohio play in thier garages and in church functions. I honestly don't think i have ever actually played. And coming to realize that I realize there are a lot of suburban activities i never really got into. I played a fair share of air hockey and skee ball but ping pong alas.

anyways the other thing that was offsetting was all the chinese players just dominated. I dont just mean china or taiwain. I mean hong kong, singapore, and just about every other countries teams had at least one asian person on it. the germans looked asian as did the polish. Anyways the matches were loppsided and other than poland vs romania the all finished 3-0 in a best of 5 series. i imagine the finals would be more like forest gump.

anyways here are some pictures...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Official Warning

The Ploice came by the casa looking for me and handjob's paperwork to make sure we are legal. They also gave us this. now that I finally got a residence permit and after reading this there doesn't seem like there is any reason to stay.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cream Dream

So Last night I went to the 2008 USA Dream Team vs. China Olympic basketball Match. It was raining outside and there were tons of people trying to score tickets for the match. One american guy was shirtless trying to trade a spurs jersey for tickets. I have heard the going rate for scalped tickets were 3000 yuan ( $450usd I only paid $12 per ticket ) but there was no amount of money that would convince me to sell my tix and give this experience up. Can't really put it into words. The gang was all there me, E.L.S., Kobe, Yao, LeBron, Henry Kissinger, the old George Bush, the new George W. Bush but more importantly the beers were only 72 cents. No event ever will compare to seeing this live. it is expected to be the most widely watched television event in world history with over 1 billion viewers ( china is a big country full of chinese people ). The energy in the stadium cannot be described when Yao hit a 3 pointer for the first points of the game. You cannot even imagine the vibe of 1 billion people in china awestruck with that one shot from the most famous athlete ever in china. At the second half it was clear that yao and his rice eating teamates were no match for kobe, lebron, and wade but it didn't matter the crowd cheered for both teams. The people were all decked out in NBA jerseys and zhong guo jia you kung fu headbands. They cheered at every play for every player it didn't matter who won or lost all the mattered was the game. At the end when china was down everyone was still going nuts every time kobe dunked. This was THE event of the Olympics and I still can't believe I was really there to see it! Sometimes life truly is a gift.

The only negative points were that concessions were geared more to chinese tastes. meaning the hot dogs didn't have buns and instead of nachos they had noodles.

(pictures are coming )
This is me out in the rain wearing my 50th anniversary of the chinese communist party T-shirt and my zhong guo jia you kung fu head band waiting for them to let us into the building.

This is Lebron bringing some thunder during the dream teams warm up!

Here is the dream team during the national anthem.

Here is W. during the national anthem.
Here is G.W. his special lady friend his dad and mr kissenger behind them. If you look closely you might find sasquatch in the background.

This is the VIP of the evening. It was her job to make sure me and E.L.S. did not suffer from dehydration during the match.

After lebron leaves china the chinese will be telling their children scary stories for generations to come about the big bad american olympic monster that devoured people during the 2008 olympics.
Random photo of basketball.

Random chinese couple that go to school in NY. They were afraid of the drunk americans sitting behind them.

Here is a photo of yao using kung-fu on team america.

Here is a little chinamen who kept giving us dirty looks for cheering on the US in chinese...

Here is yao and LeBron giving some interviews at the end before they went into the locker room to make sweet love to the sweet sounds of Jackie Moon singing "Love Me Sexy".

Here is Me and E.L.S. with the guy who by far had the most spirit in our section. He had the entire crowd chanting "ZHONG GUO JIA YOU!" I think i saw W. give him the stink eye on one occasion.