Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

a letter of support from rufus

"man I really like those tungsten night shots. your still a prick but those are nice"

-rufus blow

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Calligraphy Class #3

With a every stroke of the brush I feel myself growing more powerful!

Why I am Never Coming Back! by Benjamin Paul Radcliffe

So as I sit here in the morning while I check my e-mail I am contemplating about my day yesterday.

My day started off by by having a sandwich at the bakery up the street for lunch. Then i cruised over to the local tea house. I sat and read the book "River Town" by Peter Hessler for a while before heading across the street to my chinese class. I go there almost everyday to drink tea. China is all about tea and i still haven't tried all of them at the cha guan(r).

In class we learned "zai". which is like adding -ING to the end of sentances. which is good because i know longer have to sound like a retard saying shit like" right now, i eat lunch" now i can say "i'm eating lunch" ( and by retard i meant special people who can do ANYTHING! )

After class I decided to head to wangfuxing. That is the downtown shopping district similar to washington street in Boston. The streets are all closed off to cars so people can walk around. I wandered around the food market noticed scorpions are back in season! (photos to come later )
The scorpions are pierced with wooden sticks like kebabs. They are on display still alive with their tiny little legs and tail frantically moving with a wooden stick going through thier belly. There also seemed to be a sale on dried seahorse kebabs this week.

I wandered around. I hit the chinese book store picked up a book on Chinese Idioms. ( Idioms are kinda like 4 character expressions kind of a chinese slang but with with philosophical origins or something ) My favorites are "mama-huhu" ( horse horse tiger tiger= translates to I'm OK ) and "bu san bu si" (not 3 not 4 = translates to calling someone shady)!

I walked north of wangfuxing looking for a photo lab i had heard about. I wandered up practicing my chinese to everyone i know showing them the address written down saying "dui bu qi, ni zhidao zhei ge zai nar". one person pointed and said "dui mien" a little light bulb of understanding went off in my head realizing it was "across from" meaning across the street. she also said a bunch of other shit i didn't understand so I just nodded and smiling like all chinese people do in america when they pretend to understand.

I find the lab it is pretty dope they had all the major films. They had the kodak E200 slide film i like but for 45 kuai ( $6 ) thats sucks. but they had kodak e100vs for 20kuai which is a crazy deal. I bought a box of it to shoot some more night stuff and compare it to the tungsten shots. The one major dilemma here is the absence of color negative film. there is a crappy fuji 400 speed and a kodak ppn 160 speed but alas there is no Kodak Portra 400VC. I am really disliking the fuji films.

After that i cruised home where me and handjob chilled out and watched the movie "just friends". I skipped seeing it when it came out because i am a dumb bastard. That is by far one of the funniest movies i have seen in years.

After watching "just friends" i packed up my holgas and a tripod and head out to nanlaguxian with a special friend for a dinner of the spiciest indian food ever followed by walking around the houtongs taking more tungsten photos. I got some decent night shots of the drum and bell towers and some schwar sign. Not as much as before because I got a text from jordache that he was over at huxley's ( best bar in beijing ) enjoying some refreshing beverages. Seeing as I was only a hop, skip, and a jump away i cruised over to meet him. There waiting was the usual cast of characters. jordach, handjob, anna the russian, david the mexi-"can", and phillipe the frenchman. We also bumped into Jackson 3-time voted best bartender in beijing. He recently left huxley's to persue a life of leisure and he told us how he is cruising down to Canton to learn a little cantonese. After a couple refreshing whiskey ginger ales I felt inspired and rolled back to the casa to "study chinese".

All in all my day of leisure was complete.

4 more holgas

I shot these on tungsten film. These all had a 60 second exposure. If anyone knows anything about tungten film at night and long exposure nightphotography please let me know!

2 kalegas 2nd anniversary party

saturday night we all went to the 2 kalegas ( name of a bar ) 2nd anniversary party. Anna ( aka the russian ) sent me these.

Monday, May 28, 2007

monday morning propaganda

another weekend another nanjie

saturday night/sunday morning we left nanjie around 5am only to return after the soccer game sunday evening for the 50 kuai all you can eat all you can drink special. There we bumped into the dutch girls. it got ugly we closed nanjie down again.

beijing football championships

On Sunday my buddy nick's football team played in the league championship game versus africa united. Africa united has been undefeated for 2 years. Africa united won the championship game 3-0. The loss didn't stop us from celebrating!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

duck... duck.... GOAT!

?I ate zui la de duck wings for dinner last night so here.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

midnight riderz - BEIJING

I never got to participate in a midnight bike ride in LA so I have decided to start my own midnight bike ride/pub crawl.

June 9th we meet at the zoo in hou hai and finish at rickhaw around midnight!
(poster courtesy of handjob)

vietnam photo gallery

My vietnam photos are the current featured gallery on check them out!

another night another nanjie

Nanjie is being torn down in a few months. We are trying to spend as much qaulity time there as possible. Especially since they have a all you can eat & drink until 9pm for 50 kuai special. I unfortunately missed the special arriving there around 11pm-ish. we made up for lost time with a rack of tasty tiny little beverages. Afterwards we then hit rickshaw to watch the soccer championships. around 3:30am I came to the conclusion soccer is really fucking boring. so I jumped a cab and headed back to dongzhimen nei!

tibetean rug expertise

A buddy of mine wanted to buy a tibetean rug. He needed an expert to help him find the perfect rug. I have been to tibet and have purchased rugs in the past therefore i was just the man he needed. One might wonder what my services cost. The answer is one hummous and falafel pita sandwich.

Here are photos of the rug/antiques market and the 2 finalists. which is the prefered tibetean rug?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

calligraphy class #2

this class we designed a personal seal and carved it into a stone "chop". A chop is basically a stamp to sign your calligraphic works with your symbol. I used an ancient chinese character can anyone tell me the translation?

4 Treasures of the Study

I recently purchased the 4 Treasures of the Study. In chinese they are known as Wen Fang Si Bao.
They are the Brush ( bi ), Ink ( mo ), Paper ( zhi ), and the Stone ( yan ). Now my calligraphy will become even more powerful!

btw the whole set cost me roughly $30!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Monday Morning Propaganda

Bowl o' chicken

My upstairs neighbor anna aka "the russian" had a get together at her casa last night. Our contribution to the festivities was a shrink wrapped chicken we cut open and placed in a bowl. festivities continued on into the wee hours of the morning..... again!

BTW i was told this morning there was only a tiny little skeleton left from the bowl o' chicken

more holgas

Friday, May 18, 2007

two turn tables and a bongo

Last night i hit the bar shooters to hear my friend from chinese class play the bongos while his friend spun vinyl. ( rare in beijing most dj's play ipod playlists )

Unfortunately they were promoting new shot recipes and were giving away racks of shots. In beijing shots are rarely purchased individually they are purchased in racks of 12. 3 of us split 2 racks. my liver hates me.