Tuesday, August 28, 2007

hassleblad pics

So i shot a roll of film last week with my hassleblad and the film came out fogged so i shot a few more rolls using 2 different film backs. one came out fogged and one didn't...damn ebay.
anyways i brought handjob out to model and got some really gay looking photos. but i did discover which back was good and what the problem is. you can see the fogging on the left side of the handjob portrait. i thought it still was kind of cool so i posted it here then the one below is some creepy kid in our neighborhood this wasn't fogged using the good back. that is our apartment behind him. anyways don't really know what the heck i am doing but i am going to start shooting more stuff with the hasselblad. let me know if anyone has any advice.

Monday, August 27, 2007

great wall holgas

more great wall holga. the weather sucked and they didn't come out as i would have liked but they still have an interesting quality. give me some thoughts.

Friday, August 24, 2007

great wall holga

i got my film back today. so heres a quick one before i go through the rest.

going away BBQ

wednesday josh threw a going away bbq for andrea. she was interning in beijing doing something business like. party was good, handjob piloted the grill like kames t. kirk. the party then moved to a kareoke place around 2 till 4something. it got ugly. i was so exhausted the next day i had to go to chaoyang park and sleep in the kiddies pool. Below i put up a gallery of everyone from the bbq which is just about everyone i know in beijing. i am digging the vintage polaroid look. let me know what you think.

beijing fuiji instant gallery

beijing fuji-roid portrait gallery

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

new instant camera

I don't know what to call this thing since its not a polaroid and polaroid is one of those generic name like kleenex. you never say hand me a facial tissue its always gimme a kleenex. Anyways this is the little she devil who sold me this addictive camera. now i have to go back to here for more film everyday like its the crack rock. anyways she is actually very cool and i buy most of my film from her. she thinks i am a funny waiguoren and always gives me really good price. one time when she wouldn't go any lower i got her to throw in a free bottle of pepsi.

anyways all the below pics are from today and are scanned straight with some crappy all in one photocopier scanner printer combo and no photoshoping either. not quite sure how i plan to handle that one yet or how i plan to scan them right. for now i aam just putting them as is and leaving the dust. the only thing is i wish this camera shot a sqaure format like my other polaroid for my holga.

Pyongyang Cold Noodle Resturant

I had dinner at a North Korean restaurant tonight and took along my new polaroid-esque camera. The North Korean girls there were crazy about me and my camera. When their boss wasn't there they kept coming over to talk to me. Once the ice was broken i asked to take their picture then they kept wanting me to take more pictures of every girl in the building for them to have a picture. The polaroid seems good for that. a lot of times people wont let me take their picture but if i use the instant i give one to them and keep one for myself... only it cost twice as much film.

anyways if you couldn't guess north Korean food sucks ass.

julia instant portraits

These 2 pictures were taken about 2 hours apart in 2 different places. not sure what the halo thing is all about i am thinking maybe julia is possessed or something.

bootleg polaroid

I just bought a fuji intant camera. I don't think they have these in the US becasue the polaroid copyright thing. any ways this was super cheap and its super small.... pocket size in fact. I am going to try shooting most of the blog nightlife photos with this to get away from the sterility of the digital pics. anyways those who know me must know i freaking dig this kind of stuff!

lazy so more holgas

I have been reading this giant 800 page biography of Mao so have been really lazy lately. Not to mention my chinese class is now 9am-12pm so my leisure clock is screwed up. its only tuesday and thursday so now i have the rest of the week free(er) but it took a whole week for my body adjust to waking up before noon. anyways heres a few more B&W photos from yangshuo. Let me know what you dig in comparisons with the other B&W yangshuo holgas

Monday, August 20, 2007

great wall from space

here are the gps coordinates from my great wall trip ( actually this is where we ate lunch )

N: 40.41612
E: 116.33925

here is the satellite photo i guess you can kind of see it. but i highly doubt they can see it from the space station.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Great Wall

Me and my special friend julia took a trip out to the great wall. we stopped had lunch then hiked forever. I brought my GPS to document how much of the great wall we could manage to hike. After 3 hours we managed to accomplish. 2.97 KM around 2 miles seeing as thought the great wall is around 6000 miles that means we manageds to traverse around .0003% of it. Don't laugh.... look how freaking vertical this thing is. I also wanted to mention that i also went to this section of the great wall back in 2002. It is the real wall with out the tourist stuff no admission tickets or photo stores or cable cars or anything. you just take the bus 2 hours to the middle of nowhere to a town called yellow flower or "huanghua" and there it is. I did notice since last time they have started to restore it and parts of it are not crumbling to the ground like before. which is good to preserve it but i also wonder how long before the ice cream man and gondolla arive.

anyways the weather and light sucked but i still shot a bunch of holga pics and took a few crappy digital ones for blog purposes

lunch on the great wall

Me and julia stopped and ate luch on the great wall before are arduos hike. I thought i would throw somepictures up becasue of you can see how cool it it to eat lunch on a balcony overlooking the greatwall. that and the fact we got some hot and sopur soup and they served it in a bathtub sized bowl and it was less than $2.

womens beach volley ball.

They recently completed the beijing olympic beach volleyball stadium. They held some kind of womens volleyball competition there. Not quite sure what it was or what the rules are but it was an awesome exerience. Tickets were only $1.25 and they had a tsing-tao beer tent that you could call and they brought beer to your seats. The matchw e saw was china versus brazil or maybe argintina...either way china lost. Anyway I have to brag about the fact that i did get the crowd to do the wave. It took a lot but when i finally got it to go all the way around it went around the entire stadium 3 times. afterwards the PR people for the stadium came over to me and thanked me and asked me if i would return the next night and get the crowd doing the wave again. then they gave us free freesbies. I felt like homer when he was that mascot thingy.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

toycamera.com beijing gallery

My beijing photos are now the featured gallery on toycamera.com. Everything most likely has been posted here on the blog before. Anyways go check it out and leave some commens on which ones you like and which ones you don't hate!


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

beijing lomo shop

a lomo shop opened in beijing. a lomo shop is where ther brand all the crappy cameras i dig put them in hip trendy packages and sell them for $250 a piece. in america this aggression would not stand but this stuff is so hard to get in beijing i am forced to deal with the devil. anyways the guy who owns the shop in beijing is super nice and had the cable release thingy for the holga i have been sweating for 6 months.