Monday, February 23, 2009

Still Alive

Yes I am still alive. My laptop is not hence the long time without posting.
Not sure what to cram in... I went to North Korea and survived. I also moved into a traditional courtyard and survived the winter. I also survived the chinese new year which was a close one. It was like edgewater drive but with 14 million people and for a week straight there was a skyscraper that was a casualty and burned down on the last day which makes this an aspiucous year.
Right now I am in chengdu contemplating the future and drinking lots of tea. Maybe a move to durka durka stan perhaps a move back to india or maybe down to hanoi. who knows.
I would love to go back to pyongyang and live there for a year but somehow i dont see that happening.
Anyways I am gonna buy a new laptopn this month and get back to blogging. If anyone is still out there reading giveme a shout out.